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3 Factors in Selecting the Best Time For An Email Marketing

Emails, particularly cold email marketing, arrive in everyone’s inbox regularly. These emails are often sent throughout the day, with some coming at odd hours like early morning or late at night. 

Have you ever noticed that you’re receiving many marketing emails simultaneously? Have you ever had your email ping many times in a row, or do your phone notifications all go off simultaneously? This is due to the importance of email timeliness. 

Businesses may narrow down the best time to send a marketing email using numerous email testing methods, data analysis sessions, and historical experiences.

Why is it so important to know when the best time to send a marketing email is? The date of your email’s delivery, according to research, has a significant influence on open rates, click rates, and overall email marketing performance. Keep these factors in mind when selecting when to send a marketing email.

#1: The Workweek

Although it may appear that sending a marketing email is appropriate on any given day of the week, this is not always the case. 

You can better identify which day of the week is the ideal day to send a marketing email by evaluating how each day of the week functions for many working individuals. A list of the days of the week is as follows:

Monday – While it’s common sense that individuals ease back into the workday on Mondays by examining emails from coworkers and clients, many marketing and promotional emails are immediately glanced over, ignored, or deleted. According to a recent study, Mondays may not be such a bad day to send an email because open rates are generally equivalent to other days of the week.

Tuesday to Thursday – Marketers frequently propose these days as the best times to send marketing emails. Why? People are used to their weekly work routines and regularly check their emails, so they are more likely to open and click on any marketing emails.

Friday – Many job assignments or projects are not begun on this day since many people are looking forward to the weekend. Fridays are often days to finish these activities or projects or enjoy some uninterrupted work time with little interruptions. According to recent data, open and click rates are steady and comparable on other weekdays.

Saturday and Sunday – Many people do not check their email on weekends, preferring to spend the two days relaxing and unwinding. We have less time to check our emails as our personal lives take precedence. This, however, may differ depending on the workplace culture, geographic area, and type of job. On certain days, marketers usually avoid sending commercial emails. People still open and click emails on Saturday and Sunday, but not at the same rate as on weekdays.

#2: Time of the Day

Another element to consider when determining the optimal time to send a marketing email or email marketing campaign is the time of day. Sending during normal business hours makes the most sense in many circumstances because most people are online and actively checking their inbox for new emails, but this can also depend on the day of the week. 

#3: Behaviors and Demographics of the Audience

The behaviors and demographics of your primary target audience decide the time and day of the week you test and pick to send marketing emails. 

The ideal time to send marketing emails is if you have a banking SaaS service and your target audience is senior team members and C-suite executives. That demographic is radically different than if you have an aviation technology solution and your target audience is predominantly pilots and aircraft mechanics.


The optimum time and day to send an email rely on your target audience and the services you want to advertise. Try out one or two different times and days to identify your organization’s optimal time and day. You may also use a decent open rate for an email to analyze the campaign’s performance after its launch. Lastly, you can use an email prospector to ease the process.

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