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3 Important B2B Marketing Trends in 2021: Our Clients’ Guide

Your business can benefit from effective B2B marketing efforts, but you have to know the trends before working on them. It ensures you and your team aren’t wasting valuable resources on plans that may not meet your projections. It can also be a way to regain your losses from 2020 when many corporations struggled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But what exactly are the trends to anticipate and follow in 2021? 

This article will discuss three crucial trends for B2B marketing. Take this as your business’s starting point to be more strategic with your approach to lead generation, brand awareness, and scalability. This way, you can build a resilient corporation that can overcome challenges as you establish yourself as a leader in your industry. 

1. More video conferencing opportunities may become available

Now that many business owners and their executives are more familiar with Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing tools, you can expect an increased demand for meetings to widen your services’ access and reduce cost outlay. The bad news is you can also expect other businesses to compete with your marketing plans as they lead online meetings. 

To distinguish yourself from your competitors, you should target running virtual events and other exciting webinars that can excite your prospective clients. Just do your research on preferred topics, like your industry’s needs and how your business can address them. You also need to widen your telemarketing capabilities to reach as many potential clients as possible. 

2. Your business’s social purpose may be sought out more 

Due to the widespread issues of COVID-19 in different sectors worldwide, more businesses are becoming aware of their responsibilities as leaders in their respective communities. That’s why you can expect more business owners and teams to ask about your social purpose, development programs, and other related efforts. You may also have to configure how you present your branding to different audiences. 

As such, take the time to do your marketing research on various current events relevant to your niche. You may also want to reintroduce your social purpose and other advocacies to your current and prospective clients. This way, you can consider collaborative efforts to enhance your brand’s presence and meet your long-term goals. 

3. Cold email marketing may be more effective

Different businesses may be scouting for products or services to address their complex issues. However, they may be limited to their local connections because most companies are limited to popular marketing strategies, like virtual events and online calls. As a result, more business owners and professionals are going back to their tried-and-true communication resources: their business emails. 

Your business can fill in this gap by investing your time and effort in cold email marketing. Just ensure you can be methodical about your approach and work closely with your team as you handle various clients. 


Expanding your business’s network is a valuable asset to your development and professional legitimacy. Now, you have the working knowledge necessary to ride possible trends. You just need to invest in practical solutions to meet your marketing objectives. Note all the previously mentioned information and start planning today!  

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