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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Making B2B Sales Enablement Content

As a B2B marketer, you may see content as something that customers only engage with during specific buyer journeys. But it actually plays a significant role in the overall selling process. You need the right content with precise timing for effective B2B lead generation. Thus, sales enablement content is crucial. 

Sales enablement acts as a guide for leads through the sales funnel. It motions them towards conversion and focuses on creating alignment between sales and marketing. It has to provide the most benefit to your organization by identifying customers’ questions at various points in the buyer journey and relating those concerns to specific customer personas. When done right, it can significantly boost your sales figures and sales cycle length. Achieve your goals by avoiding these common sales enablement content mistakes:

1. Failing to realize the importance of repurposing content

Developing sales collateral must be an ongoing process. Understandably, it takes time, energy, and money, making the process exhausting and tedious. With this in mind, consider repurposing your existing content and internal documents and turning them into sales enablement content. This will help you meet deadlines, save resources, promote your lead generation, and boost your sales enablement opportunities through content production. 

Get started by identifying existing content that aligns with sales objections and specific questions commonly presented by leads. This content must be helpful at different touchpoints along the client journey. For example, you can compile your blog posts to create an e-book.

2. Focusing solely on creating customer-facing content

When creating sales enablement content, you may look for ways to communicate directly to the customers online. However, remember that sales reps are your channel who can make it easier for you to sell when it comes to sales enablement. Improve the sales reps’ interactions with the audience instead of concentrating on speaking to the leads yourself.

You can produce the following types of content to support sales staff: lead gen content, sales collateral, sales scripts, presentations, and quick reference sheets. You can also provide the sales team with easy-to-understand information explaining your brand. Additionally, you can draft social media posts and templates for cold email marketing.

3. Not linking the content strategy to the customer journey and sales funnel 

You may see sales enablement content as a separate unit to your overall content strategy, leading you to never think about it again. But note that it has to be incorporated into your content plan to ensure a seamless customer journey.

The best way to plan out the content is to develop a strategy based on this journey through the sales funnel. Work with the sales team and walk through this journey. Afterward, identify diverse touchpoints concerning the lead, sales rep, and company. 


Sales enablement content is crucial throughout the entire selling process. Now that you know about the common mistakes many marketers make when creating this type of content, you can now have an easier time developing such content that smooths every stage of the customer journey and helps grow your business. 

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