Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

3 Tips for Launching Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

Everyone is gearing up to prepare for the holiday season, from schools to department stores. Consumers are anticipating sales and limited-time discounts for pre-purchases, while businesses are strategizing the best ways to answer their customers’ expectations.

There are many ways to attract a customer’s attention, from app notification to social media posts. However, the most effective way to engage with your consumers is to utilize your email lists. A personal and compelling holiday offer straight from your customer base’s inboxes is a great way to speed up their buyer’s journey in subscribing to your products and services.

Using the holidays to enhance your email marketing campaigns’ effects

Launching an email marketing campaign during the holidays is a timely strategy to use. Now is the time to insert your compelling email offers, since employees and students are constantly checking their emails for notifications on holiday breaks. However, it’s best to avoid being reckless when sending out your emails. Making any crucial mistakes will take you a step further towards being in your customers’ spam folder.

Here are three email marketing tips to help your campaigns during the holidays:

1. Segment your mailing list into different categories

It’s typical for businesses with broad customer bases to have different niche demographics. It’s why they develop diverse marketing campaigns that cater to particular audiences. For your email marketing campaign to have the most impact, you should segment your email lists based on their engagement with your service. You can arrange your promotional messages to vary in customer profiles, shopping behavior, geographic location, and more. Being more specific in your offers will allow you to have better returns on generating potential leads and boosting sales figures.

2. Get customer interest with compelling offers

You only have several chances to attract your subscribers to opt-in your holiday offers, so you should craft compelling incentives that lead to a purchase. A simple way to drive online users to your landing pages is to inform them about limited sale periods or hand out discount codes. Try using a more creative and engaging approach by launching contests or raffles to entice them with potential winnings in using your service or buying your products.

3. Utilize your subject line properly

Even though you have a compelling offer and an expertly designed UX for your website, these efforts won’t matter if your marketing channels don’t work. Your email marketing efforts won’t affect your sales figures if your customers don’t feel the need to open your messages. Small businesses tend to have problems generating higher ROI on their marketing campaigns since they’re unfamiliar with writing great marketing copies.

Crafting effective subject lines is all about using the limited character count to express your goals. Keep your messages compact by highlighting your intention right away. Open with your incentives if you’re offering discounts or exclusive promo codes. Ensure that your subject, content, and CTA flow seamlessly within your message’s body to reinforce your ad’s effect. Don’t forget to double-check your links and trace if you’re leading your customers to the right landing pages.


Since there will be a higher volume of business transactions and product purchases more than any other time of the year, brands need to capitalize this time to perform better than their competitors. It’s a great time to remind your customers that you’re offering generous incentives to use your service in time for holiday celebrations and festivities.

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