5 Strategies SaaS Businesses Can Do to Generate Leads

The lifeblood of any digital marketing strategy is converting leads into sales. This is especially true in a SaaS environment where demand generation and lead nurturing are particularly important. Here are some ways to improve your lead generation.

1. Determine the Platforms Your Customers Use

You need to get under the skin of your customers and understand their pain points, moment-to-moment challenges, and where they get their information from. The idea is to identify the platforms that your customers use and then target them accordingly.

There are plenty of ways to do this. One of the best ways is by using social listening tools to find the top influencers in your industry and reach out to them, find what platforms they use most, and engage with them on those platforms.

2. Create Engaging & Informative Content

Don’t just push content out there and expect people to go gaga over it. Instead, create content that is well-researched and helpful. And don’t be afraid to share plenty of information because you build credibility and trust in doing so.

Good content that is helpful and interesting to your target audience is the easiest way to engage them and guide them to your SaaS solution.

3. Boost Your Site Speed

As a SaaS provider, you have to be fast. The faster your site loads, the better your conversion rates will be.

You can get a site speed scorecard from a reputable online search tool, such as Google Analytics. The tool will provide you with an overall score. To improve it, you need to identify the slowest pages on your site and make changes to them.

4. Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

People are looking for the answers to their questions anywhere, and everywhere they go. The fact that they use their cellphone or tablet to search the web and find answers makes it even more critical that you design your website to load on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

And if you want to offer a mobile app, you need to make sure it is compatible with all the popular platforms, such as iOS and Android. Customers will not wait for a mobile app to load.

5. Write Guest Blog Posts

Guest posts can be awesome opportunities to connect with influencers in your industry. It is similarly a great way to build relationships with SEO-focused sites that might eventually rank your content higher.

But above all, guest posts offer you a chance to touch a larger audience. If you write a good post that provides value to readers, many of them will read it and leave a comment. That will tell you how your audience is reacting to your content and can help you improve your content creation.

The Bottomline

SaaS is an exciting and fast-growing business model and offers superb opportunities for marketing success. But as a marketer, you need to be very agile and nimble. The market is very competitive, which means you need to constantly improve your marketing efforts.

And the best way to do that?

Know your customer and give them what they want.

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