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Best Lead Generation Tactics for Modern Telemarketing

The advent of wireless Internet technologies and social media have made telemarketing an irrelevant tool for business growth. Or so it only seems. While the millennials and gen alpha do not have much experience in this matter, research shows otherwise. In 2022, industry research firm IBISWorld’s predictions state the US telemarketing and call center industry will grow by 2 percent and gain a market share of approximately $23.9 billion.

These statistics prove how effective telemarketing is in lead gen for startups and B2B lead generation. However, getting the best out of this method hinges on the following best practices we’ll tackle today:

Profile Your Audience

Strategizing makes telemarketing less robotic and more effective. You can plan by profiling your audience.

Say you’re selling a brand new mobile device targeted to millennials and gen alpha segments who can’t afford an expensive smartphone but will make do with a more affordable version, even if it doesn’t perform as well. You can profile your audience according to the product and eliminate persons from your list who don’t fit the bill!

That means focusing your efforts on B2B lead generation on young or smaller companies who don’t have much capital but want to provide their employees with a good smartphone, not on established businesses who can afford more premium devices that cost three times more than your product.

Spam Calls Daily

Once you have profiled your primary audience, go through them one by one and call daily! Telemarketing is all about generating a conversation that hopefully leads to a sale.

Capture with Opening Interest

Yes, telemarketers are given a script to share buzzwords and key features about the product, but repeating the same lines constantly will become monotonous. 

Avoid standard opening lines and phrases. Don’t feel like you have to use these just because they’re the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you are talking to somebody new or just finishing a conversation, it helps avoid predictability and ensure your lines are not scripted, especially with B2B lead generation.

Correct, Relevant Questioning

Asking questions encourages your prospects to speak and converse more, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. As they talk to you, you can note down information and use it in your marketing efforts or product development. You can also take the opportunity to survey or research your market by asking questions about your customers and prospects to improve B2B lead generation.

Converse, Don’t Present

When cold calling, always keep in mind that you will have a two-way conversation. Although you need to present the products or services you are offering, it is still important to never think of the call as a presentation. This is why the previous tactic was to ask them questions to understand their pain points and solve them.

Think of it as an opportunity to get the attention and interest of a potential customer through a quality conversation. When cold calling, always keep in mind that you will have a two-sided conversation.

Call with Purpose

Remember, your B2B lead generation builds a relationship with customers that leads to a sale. Don’t allow your conversations to flow over. Set an appointment when a prospect seems ready to go with the flow and meet you for a demo. Formally agree on things, and get something from the opportunity.

To Close

Using telemarketing for B2B lead generation can be great if you keep these tactics in mind. The success of any campaign depends on the industry you are in, the products or services you offer, and the relationships built with clients.  As long as you take those things into account, telemarketing can be a powerful tool for boosting your business. 

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