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Demand Generation Plan: The New Look of Digital Marketing

Industrial leaders have always pushed budding entrepreneurs to open new businesses as soon as they have a good idea. A Forbes columnist even listed several benefits of doing so. She said that one advantage of building a company during the pandemic is fewer competitors.

There might be many advantages to starting your company during the pandemic. But it does not diminish the challenges that you will face. The creation of a company will involve so many details from the planning stage all the way to execution. When it comes to marketing, you will have to worry about digital ads, analytics, and online content. This is why it’s best to create and follow concrete plans from the very beginning.

As early as the planning phase of your company, you should set up a demand generation. This includes the strategy that can influence people’s awareness of your company and will impact their interaction with your brand throughout the buying cycle. This vital process includes lead generation and the nurturing of clients during the deal’s closing.

Read on for valuable tips that can help build your demand generation plan: 

Identify Your Target Market

Demand generation relies heavily on information about the leads you want to attract and nurture. This data can come from qualitative interviews with sales representatives, web and advertising analytics, customer surveys, and analysis of your competitors.

Your marketing team should transform this data into something actionable to make the most of what you collect. Before your sales team can start cold calling, your marketing team should develop an ideal customer profile (ICP). Doing this will guarantee that your campaigns will generate optimal ROI. 

Your ICP will guide you in all of your tactical decisions. It will affect your messages, content, and paid channels. Here are a few details that your ideal customer profile should include:

  • Market challenges
  • Operational pain points
  • Industries they serve
  • Employee headcount
  • Revenue
  • Geographic reach
  • Maturity Stage
  • Technology they use

Adapt Your Marketing to Reach the Right People

It is not enough to immediately call all the persons that fall within your ideal customer profile. You must understand their persona, which you can base on real-life contacts.

You may want to learn more about your client’s demographics, such as job titles and educational attainment, daily pain points, work challenges, goals, and role in the purchasing process. You can gather this information from interviews with customers and conversations from sales.

Map Your Buyer’s Journey

After you develop your buyer’s personas, you must study their purchase process and develop the buyer journey map. This will help you create a detailed generation plan. It chronicles how each client decides and acts when they get to each stage of the sales funnel.

The creation of the buyer journey map will help your team identify the possible areas where your clients might lose interest. It will also help you determine if you should opt for cold calling or cold emailing.


Planning out each step of your first year of operations will ensure the survival of your company. It will also help you map out your company’s possible expansion even as early as your first year.

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