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How to Incorporate Lead Generation With SEO for Your Business – Our Guide

Some people think that when you’re required to choose a digital marketing strategy to boost your business’s online presence, you can only choose one. But when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), to truly improve your online ranking on search results, it would help if you learned to use it alongside lead generation tactics.

Lead generation is a marketing approach used to develop the interests of consumers to buy your products or services by creating a campaign to encourage them to do so. Until your potential customers are convinced that they want to support your brand, you will continue to nurture them through cold calling, email marketing, SEO, and social media, to name a few.

With SEO, you’re working to improve your website by focusing on your content to acquire new leads and turn them into customers. Lead generation, on the other hand, is a different approach but with the same goal. If you want to know how to combine the two strategies for your business, keep reading below.

Determine What Your Audience Needs

To successfully use SEO and lead generation for startups, you must first be familiar with user intent. User intent is what you call the action that online users make whenever they look for something on search engines.

When people look for answers on the internet, they tend to learn about something new or discover a product or service they’re interested in and want to buy in the future. Your marketing strategies have more chances of working if you took the time to find out what your target audience is looking for when using familiar keywords.

Since search engines are already doing the heavy-duty work by taking care of the keywords, all you have to do to gain a high ranking online is research the content people are looking for. Knowing the terms your target audience is using can help you acquire more leads over time.

Go With Online Trends To Meet Buyers’ Needs

At present, buyers themselves have learned to navigate through the sales funnel on their own, without requiring too much convincing from businesses. They will simply do their research on the product or service they want and explore the internet for answers until they discover brands.

That’s why it would be best to apply the latest trends and technology to your lead generation strategy if you don’t want to stay behind your competitors. While it’s great to continue producing relevant content, it would be better to know if the right people benefit from it. 

You can’t simply create marketing campaigns without a direction because that would end with you not getting the results you’re hoping for. Instead, you should work to develop content that you’re sure your target buyers will see, especially when they need it the most.

Optimize Your Content For Users

When you create content, you can’t expect to start generating leads right away. Most of the time, you will receive clients redirected from search engine results. So it’s best to optimize your content through each step of the sales funnel to guide buyers throughout the process.

During the first stretch of a buyer’s journey, they will be focused on consuming information that’s either entertaining or educational for them. If you learn to use the proper keywords that will get them to visit your site and read through related blog posts, you will achieve new customers. 

Besides that, keywords that lead to strong purchase intent are commonly used by consumers who are about to buy because they already know what they need. After looking through an array of brands, products, and prices of businesses using the same terms, they can finally come up with a decision to support one that stood out from the rest.


Online technology has genuinely paved the way for businesses and entrepreneurs aiming to lead the market. While SEO continues to transform and help companies, your goal should be to create a stable flow of content and keep attracting leads. You can combine SEO and B2B lead generation by determining your audience’s needs, applying the latest online trends, and optimizing your content for your target users.

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