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How to Make the Most Out of Each B2B Marketing Call—What to Know

Lead generation, as a base, can already be very difficult. Handling B2B marketing calls is definitely doubly so! While that may be the case, there are some ways to make it easier. Telemarketing experts from around the world have developed ways to make these cold calls more effective and much more streamlined. 

To give you an idea of how to approach it, here are some methods to make your B2B marketing calls more effective.

Have a Planned Opening

Have you ever received a cold call that you just didn’t like? The chances are that it was because the opening of the call was just someone yammering on about themselves without letting you get a word in. 

Now that you know that, don’t be that person when making a call! Instead, focus on communicating three things: telling them who you are, what business you’re representing, and the reason you called them. Try to make a spiel containing that information within five seconds or less. 

While you definitely should plan your opening, don’t memorize a specific thing to say. You should be flexible in how you present your information. If you aren’t, you run the risk of having someone interrupt you, and then you lose your train of thought. 

Utilize Open Questions

Okay, so you’ve said your 5-second opening—now, you need to find a way to make who you’re calling become engaged in the conversation. 

One of the best ways to do this is to ask a question. Don’t go for something they can answer with a simple yes or no. Instead, try to have them respond to an open question; however, don’t just use any open question! You need to make sure you’re still achieving your goals with what you ask. 

In order to do that, make it relevant to the reason why you called. Also, make sure it’s a question you want to be answered! The last thing you want is for the person to feel like you’re wasting their time.

Really Listen to Them

While you may think that silence is bad, you have to realize that sometimes it isn’t. For example, if you’ve just asked your open question, you should expect some time spent thinking from your potential client. Don’t fill silences with inane chatter either—instead, let them think for a moment. You can’t ever listen to them if you’re doing all the talking!

When they do finally talk, make sure you’re really listening to them. That means you just aren’t waiting for your turn to reply—you’re really processing the information they’re giving you. If you don’t, then you risk missing out on quite a lot! For example, there are lots of non-verbal indicators of their mood or their feelings towards what they’re talking about. If you’re not listening closely, you may miss out on these subtle hints.

You can use both verbal and non-verbal indicators to push the conversation further. For example, if your potential client is talking about their supply of paper clips, and they sound a bit frustrated about it, then you could probe them further. Ask why they seem frustrated with it. This. in turn, could lead to you offering your business’ services to their company, which is exactly what you want out of this call!


B2B lead gen is tough but manageable. Now that you know these tips, you’re much more likely to generate leads out of your cold calls! Remember to respect the time of the person receiving your call, and do your best not to panic when speaking to them! Keep a cool head, and everything should be okay.

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