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Lead Gen Myth-Busting: The Truth About Cold Calling, Revealed!

Cold calling is one of the oldest sales techniques employed by many businesses. Over the years, it’s been pushed into the realm of falsehood, where many misconceptions have been formed and are still believed today. 

In today’s marketing sphere, cold calling has mostly been booted out as an effective sales technique. However, what people don’t realize is that cold calling has just been encased in countless myths that the general public just doesn’t know what to believe about it anymore! 

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about cold calling that you shouldn’t believe at all:

Myth #1: Cold Calling is Dead

Perhaps the most talked-about marketing myth in recent times is that cold calling is a dead concept. Many people believe that social media marketing and email marketing brought about the end of cold calling as a viable marketing tactic!

Cold calling is, in fact, alive and well because of one unique aspect—the human element. The human-to-human connection that cold calling boasts of can never be easily achieved by other marketing methods. It’s a great way to build a rapport with your potential customers. Humanizing your conversation has a better chance of sustaining the relationship, which then leads to quicker conversions.

Myth #2: Cold Calling Is All About Numbers

Marketers who just go through calling a list of leads normally think they’re doing a good job. The more they call, the better their performance is. This is actually far from reality. 

Since cold calling is all about the human connection, you don’t just talk to your prospects for the sake of calling—but it isn’t a numbers game. You need to take good care of the connection you’ve established to make sure you get something out of it. Remember, leads are assets that you need to nurture.

Myth #3: Cold Calling Is Aggressive and Pushy

Many marketers look at cold calling as too direct and too pushy to begin with. Customers hate it, and marketers avoid using it. 

The truth is, people just don’t know how to use it to their advantage. If you’re just trying to go through a list of leads and “push” your product to potential customers, then you’re better off doing something else.

People hate answering phone calls that come from undesired sources. But if you did your research and did lead generating earnestly, any customer on your list of leads will be more welcoming when you call.

Myth #4: Cold Calling Is an Innate Gift

Some people believe that cold calling is an innate gift that very few people possess. That’s just another excuse made by those who don’t understand how to use cold calling effectively. Believe it or not, it’s even possible for an introverted person to become successful in cold calling.

Introverts are usually better listeners. This makes them less pushy, allowing them to build better rapport with potential customers. All in all, any person can be an excellent cold caller by simply listening well to people! Making your prospects comfortable is key to a successful cold call attempt.


We have a long way to go before we can convince everyone that cold calling is still a viable marketing tactic. By debunking the myths and fallacies that surround cold calling, people get a better understanding of it. Most of the time, they’re nothing but excuses made by people who outright reject cold calling, simply because they don’t understand it! 

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