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Top 4 Tips Guaranteed to Make Your PPC Campaign Successful

Paid Media strategies, such as Pay-Per-Click Lead Generation, often get a bad rep with new marketers as outdated and ineffective ways to advertise online. Most marketers will advise you to go the organic route and enhance your search engine visibility through content marketing instead. However, there is actually no need to put the two against each other. Both strategies have their place, and when used effectively, they will generate better results than if one were to use a strategy exclusively. 

PPCs have not changed much from day one. You run your ads and only pay for clicks that go through. However, with advanced analytics and the availability of data, you can customize your ads to better your chances of engagement. Here are four ways that a proper PPC campaign will help your business. 

1. Focus your PPC 

The expansive reach of PPC is both its biggest advantage and downfall. If you do not focus your ads on where your customers are, your campaign will not be highly effective. 

The first thing to ensure that you are not wasting valuable time and resources is to analyze the habits of your prospective customers. Sure, paying for ads on Google Search will make sense as it is the biggest search engine in the world today, but people do not typically linger for more than a few minutes on the Google Search page. 

If your core demographic happens to be in an age group typically favoring specific websites, such as social media, then you should try to redirect your PPC ads there. Go where the customers are, even online. 

2. Be data-driven

Data is already at the tip of your fingertips: use them. Most PPC platforms will have some form of data tracking analytics that are usually already segregated into specific demographics, such as age groups, gender, country of origin, and even devices. Use this data to tailor-fit your ads to the specific customers that you want to attract. If for some reason, you are not doing well with your favored groups, adjust your campaigns accordingly. 

3. Do not use generic landing pages

You’ve already succeeded in what is usually the most difficult part: getting people to click your ads. The worst thing to do would be to lose them because your landing page did not immediately make sense to the customer. 

Make detailed, unique landing pages that will provide key information and make it easier for your customers to understand what they need to do to get what they need from you. Minimize distractions and make the interaction solely for the purpose of converting. 

4. Engage, engage, engage

Your lead has finished the first contact with your company. The next step would be to nurture them. If your conversion strategy was to get an email address for your email list, then make sure that you are sending quality email content that will not feel like spam. You must treat each lead as another prospective customer that you will always want to engage with until your interactions end in a purchase (if that’s what your goal is). 


If used effectively in combination with customer engagement-focused strategies, such as SEO and content marketing, PPC ads are guaranteed to be more effective than if one used either method alone. Just make sure that you are targeting the right demographics, and keep on engaging your leads until they become full-fledged paying customers. 

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