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Convenient Ways to Pull Together Your B2B Prospect List

There are plenty of strategies involved with businesses: content marketing, email marketing, and so on and so forth. However, there‚Äôs not exactly enough talk on who the strategies are aimed at in the first place. Sure, there’s a target audience discussed in these conversations, but there’s nothing quite like having a full-on B2B prospect list. That’s the key to unlocking more sales and better marketing.

What Is a B2B Prospect List?

Target audiences or demographics are fantastic; don’t get us wrong. However, your best bet is to have a full-on prospect list. This way, you can have an opt-in list and have an easier time segmenting your audience. Read on to learn about convenient ways to put together your B2B prospect list:

1. Make Sure You Have an Email Marketing Tool in Place

At this stage, there are plenty of email marketing tools available in the market. These play a great role in making the whole experience of building prospects go by with ease. These tools pave the way for a major advantage that any business can have when building its prospect list. For the most part, they allow for mass email sending, which saves a lot of time and ensures a wider reach over time.

Aside from gathering relevant prospect information, including contact details, transferring the prospect list also becomes much easier.

2. Have an Ideal Customer Profile in Place

The ICP, or ideal customer profile, is what can help with narrowing prospects down to only the ones ideal for your company. Look at these aspects when you’re going about making the ICP for your product or service:

  • Company size and region
  • Point of contact in the company
  • Background of the prospect
  • Previous pay routine of the prospect
  • The age group of prospects
  • Target gender
  • Project challenges
  • Prospect goals

These prospects are the ones with the most promise to possibly become paying customers down the line. Having an ICP in place means being able to dedicate time and resources only to productive leads who will most likely be paying customers.

3. Prioritize Networking

This may go without saying, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. There are several ways to go about this, even online, such as LinkedIn. Other formats of social media may work as well; whatever opening there is, it’s best to take full advantage. 

Of course, the venue or channel is one thing; the message is another. Make sure you have points in mind that will be able to start an engaging conversation. When the lead responds, you will be able to better segment your prospect list into relevant categories. Any cold responses, for example, are likely not worth pursuing anymore and will be best crossed out entirely.


Building a B2B prospect list takes quite a bit of work, but it will be well worth it. There’s plenty of research involved in order to create the Ideal Customer Profile alone. Moreover, having an e-mail marketing tool and getting networking done will help the process go by quicker.

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