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3 Game-Changing Lead Gen Strategies to Grow Your Start-Up

Growing a start-up will always have its fair share of highs and lows, give you a sense of meaning, and thrive with the right approach—emphasis on the last part.

Regardless of what industry you’re trying to jump into, building a business from the ground up requires your time, resources, and finances. Over time, you’ll get to that point where you’ll need to constantly innovate your approach and help ensure that everything you do falls into place by using one vital practice: lead generation.

Growing your start-up with the right lead generation strategies

As you may have heard before, the secret to success that any small American business or start-up will need to achieve copious amounts of success lies in lead generation.

Responsible for paving the way for hundreds of thousands of success stories and countless top-level corporations and industry leaders today, generating leads has become more pivotal today than ever. While it may be easy to see why it is vital in initiating the type of progress that a business needs, actually building a constantly-stacked pipeline of buyers and prospects can be the absolute opposite—or so you might think.

If you want to provide your lead generation with the necessary room it needs to thrive without going through unnecessary trial-and-error procedures, here are three strategies to try in 2021:

Lead Magnets

The best way to define a lead magnet is that it’s a valuable resource or service that is offered in exchange for opt-in contact information and other key actionable pieces of information (such as email addresses and contact numbers). Acting as bait or opener for any business’s marketing funnel, these key materials—and the strategy that employs them—help take care of the need to attract more opportunities for conversion from a target market. 

When we talk about valuable resources that are used as a lead magnet, we’re referring to anything that a target market may need for their personal gain, goals, or objectives. Here are some key examples of lead magnets that are employed in the digital marketing landscape today:

  • eBooks
  • Detailed videos, webinars, and training courses
  • Discounts 
  • Free trials

Content marketing

Today, it is nearly impossible to see a successful lead generation effort that isn’t outfitted with a proper content marketing strategy.

Functioning primarily on creating and sharing online materials like videos, blogs, social media posts, this strategy helps generate leads by stimulating interest in a product or service. Instead of leaving end-users and target audience members to their own devices to an extent where it takes them longer to find your product or service, content marketing shines the spotlight on your company in the most engaging way possible! 

Email marketing

Email marketing has been credited with being responsible for sparking decades of successful lead generation strategies, especially in today’s digital marketing landscape. 

Touted as one of the productive, cost-effective communication channels available, this vital lead generation approach allows you to consistently build and shape stronger relationships with your customers. With over 87 percent of B2B marketers using this exact strategy with high success rates, there’s no doubt that the flexibility, higher engagement rates, and distinct measurability of email marketing are worth investing in! 


When it comes to maximizing the power of your lead generation efforts, nothing gets results better than using the right strategies to supplement your overall marketing strategy. Through the three key strategies mentioned above, you can help ensure that you put your business on the path to success and more profit and opportunities!

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