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4 Essential Marketing Skills to Learn and Use in 2021

Email marketing is crucial to any business looking to improve its digital marketing strategy. Learning email marketing skills is necessary. So, if you’re applying for the position of an email marketer, want to enhance your relevant skills, or become a freelancer or consultant, then below are some things you should take time mastering.

These essential skills are necessary to understand and develop to create impactful marketing campaigns and strategies, helping businesses succeed through digital means.

1. Copywriting

Email copywriting is a basic but fundamental skill every marketer needs to learn. Good copywriting skills build the gap between neglected campaign emails that end up in spam folders and those that grab the reader’s attention.

As an email marketer, it is your job to learn how to write subject lines that improve email open rates. There are tools to help you in this task, such as Automizy’s Email Subject Line Tester, which scores subject lines. If it doesn’t meet the passing mark, then you know it’s not good enough.

The tool will help you put your copywriting skills to the test. It’ll also assist you with optimizing your copy and improving your outputs for the better.

2. Strategic Thinking

A good email marketer knows the standard frameworks and understands how email marketing adds value to the business overall. You might already be familiar with ROI email marketing and how much dollars it can return. 

However, email marketing should also have its own strategy, achieving results and not just bulks of emails you send out each month. The primary mistake of many companies is that they only acknowledge the effectiveness of email marketing but fail to strategize their campaigns. 

As an email marketer, you should grasp lead generation strategies, nurturing contacts, and sales techniques. You should also understand the life-cycle stages of subscribers and how to engage them best. Moreover, your want must drive you to understand your target audience deeply. 

3. Email Optimization

Since more users are glued to their phones than their computers, responsiveness is a key factor in email marketing. You should be ready to reply anytime, but you must also note how you can read your email and how it looks on all devices.

Most email software provides responsive email builders that design HTML emails compatible with various screen sizes. Still, you should always test your email and ensure it works well for multiple devices your users utilize. 

4. Lead Nurturing and Lifecycle Emails

Email marketing takes note of everything, not only regarding sending newsletters and special offers. To save time and achieve a higher ROI for your email campaigns, you can automate lead nurturing processes.

Being an email marketer involves having a deep understanding of email marketing automation, including collecting data. It will help to learn how to synchronize between systems, segment contacts based on data, customize emails, and create workflows and follow-up sequences. 


The email marketing landscape is constantly changing, requiring email marketers to acquire new skills and knowledge. If you want to succeed at your job, you need to review and brush up on your skills. 

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