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4 Numbers That Are Key to B2B Lead Generation Success

Numbers play a significant role in B2B lead generation, but some numbers are more important than others. These figures should be noted by CEOs of companies who want to better understand how they affect their marketing and sales performance.

These can be pretty confusing, sure, but you cannot just ignore them because these numbers will tell you whether you are doing things right. They will also tell you how you can optimize your efforts to achieve scalable and repeatable revenue.

In this post, WhoKnows will share what numbers you need to watch to achieve your marketing and lead generation goals:

1. The Total Number of People Who Visit Your Website

Some make the mistake of thinking that this number doesn’t contribute anything and that it’s nothing more than a vanity metric, but the truth is, it’s very important. Remember that the buyer’s journey starts from their very first visit to your website. The number of people you get on that website is critical, and you should make efforts to continuously increase that number every month because the more visitors you get, the more you could convert.

You can boost this number through content creation, web design optimization, social media and referral links, and more.

2. The Number of New Contacts

New contacts should always be added to your database for prospects. This is an important figure because it reflects the audience that you do have access to. This shows how many people you can send emails to and the number of your potential clients for the month. They may be in different stages in their buying journey, and not everyone will respond, but that’s perfectly fine. As long as you know how to keep them engaged, you’ll convert them when they’re ready.

3. The Number of Marketing Qualified Leads

As mentioned above, not everyone on your contact list will be a qualified lead. An MQL is someone who is already on an active buyer journey. If you are doing your marketing right, about 80% of your new contacts can be converted into MQLs. You’ll know a connection is an MQL when they download your app, use a code, or attend a webinar you provided on your website or social media.

4. The Number of Sales Qualified Leads

In a nutshell, SQLs are the people who proactively ask to talk to your brand. These are the people who call your reps to know more about your products, clarify something, or require assistance. Know that no matter their reason for calling, that’s an opportunity to make a sale.

About 20% of MQLs are SQLs. This can be higher, of course, depending on your industry and how strong your strategy is. You can improve your numbers by adding offers for late-stage buyer journeys that will give MQLs a nudge. You can also consider adding live chat to your website to engage potential customers.


These are some of the most important numbers that CEOs and marketers alike need to pay attention to. Lead gen for startups takes a lot of effort, and that includes watching essential metrics that tell you how you’re progressing with your actions. If you watch these crucial numbers and act to improve them consistently, there’s no reason for you not to achieve your goals for lead generation.

Who Knows can provide you with the best tools and solutions to help your B2B lead generation efforts. Contact our team today to find out how we can help your business!

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