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5 Effective Methods of Lead Generation for Startup Companies

One of the first struggles of startup companies is generating their leads. Acquiring new customers, especially if you’ve only established the brand, takes time. But there are methods startup companies can use to reap success. A few of these methods are as follows:

1. Establish a Strategy

Lead generation campaigns are not overnight processes that happen in a snap. They are often strategized to acquire better and more beneficial results. Therefore, to ensure that a campaign goes according to plan, it’s best to establish a strategy before pursuing the goal.

Try to identify your goals, which ones work for your company best. Ensure it aligns with your sales and marketing goals towards a collaborative objective. Also, analyze and keep track of your competitors to understand which methods work best. Lastly, budget your funds appropriately. It takes money to make money. Be realistic about how you handle your finances and try to be efficient in spending them.

2. Choose Case Studies

Positive reviews typically sway ninety percent of buyers. Therefore, utilizing online reviews or customer testimonials can significantly impact your business and the sales you will generate in the future. 

Positive reviews can be incorporated into webinars by asking clients to be one of your guest speakers. Placing client logos on the website, email signature, and blogs can appear as proof that you’ve worked with big companies in your industry. Lastly, using social media to demonstrate and share positive feedback. For example, you can post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn if you’ve got any good reviews recently.

Keep in mind that recommendations by other people who have tried the service will drive sales.

3. Use Infographics

Infographics are simple yet accessible tools startup companies can use to secure leads. Nowadays, social media trends lean towards informative, funny, or relatable content online. Producing infographics with a lot of share value can get your brand to people three times more than any other type of content.

However, infographics require specific skills to design and curate posts that sell. You might need to spend a bit more money to hire someone who can create posts for you if you don’t feel like your skills are enough to make them on your own. But again, it takes money to make money. If you want a quick and effective way to secure sales, producing infographics is one route you can take.

4. Maximize Analytics

It’s essential to understand analytics and to use it to your advantage. Analytics are vital in making improvements along the way—it helps 65 percent of businesses increase their revenues by over 10 percent.

Analytics is everywhere—emails, content, social media, PPC, banner advertisements, and SEO. It can be used across most of the marketing implementations. It can help you understand which channels are driving conversions and traffic, leading to the best customers. Securing an initial sale is excellent, but you also want to know the avenues that can promote retention.

5. Master SEO

Search engines are ideal platforms for startup companies. Most customers would search during the buying process and choose whichever company pops up first on their searches. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze and maximize every keyword, content, link, and page used around your business.

The closing rate of SEO leads is 14.6 percent, compared to the 1.7 percent from outbound leads, proving the importance of optimization strategies in the long run. However, SEO can become a tricky tool to use, especially for new businesses. Outsourcing SEO experts is definitely an option.


Investing in lead generation helps companies propel themselves to success. Although it can be an expensive move to make, it affects its growth in the long run. Using strategies that help generate leads should allow your targeted buyers to easily find you and buy things before they leave your website.

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