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5 Lead Generation Strategies That Will Highlight Startups

There are several ways for startup companies to boost their brand. One solid strategy you can start with is to generate leads and attract prospective customers. That way, your business can increase your conversion rate and make your brand stand out.

Granted, business growth wouldn’t happen overnight. However, small steps can help you achieve a more steady and long-term result. Here are five tips you can use to increase your lead generation.

1. Expand Your Social Media Presence

Your startup should engage in social media and gain off-site promotion. Unlike traditional marketing, you can save up when creating posts and sharing media. You can also be a little more creative and explore visual marketing for your brand.

Most businesses rely on Facebook and Instagram to interact with their audience, but you can also try other sites to help you with your SEO. Use photos and videos to pique their interest and share content that can provide value to your followers. You can also participate in the comment sections and reply to people. 

2. Personalize Your 404 Page

Business owners tend to overlook their website’s 404 pages. However, customers often get stuck on this page and can really appreciate a well-done ‘page not found’ layout that’s full of humor and helpful information. By capturing their interest, we can move to develop lead generation. 

One thing you can do is to provide site visitors with a search bar that will help them check out other content on your web page. A sign-up form or an opt-in offer can also be beneficial to add.

3. Create Simple Sign-up Forms

Customers can feel annoyed and bothered by complicated signup forms that have too many widgets and fields. They are challenging to fill out, making it less likely for site visitors to fill out the form and clarify the information they are inputting.  

Installing some JavaScript on your site will help resolve any bad signup forms. Not only will it simplify the filling up process, but you also allow customers to edit and correct the information they are typing in.

4. Include More Opt-In Offers

Besides having simple signup forms, another way to increase signups is through your opt-in opportunities. Having more opt-in offers would give your site visitors and audience maximum opportunity to become a lead and receive materials from your site. You can attach an opt-in offer to any part of your site and content.

5. Make the Site Visually Appealing

A simple lead generation strategy is to catch the attention of your customers through visually appealing layouts. This means using colors and placements that will be easy on the eyes while being engaging—knowing which color can evoke which emotion (yellow for joy, red for passion) or stand out can be handy when designing your website and including CTA buttons. 


It’s vital for start-up brands to explore more lead generation strategies, as the audience is the foundation that successful business owners will need. Although it can take a while to execute and see the total result, rest assured that the fruits of your labor are going somewhere. 

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