5 Ways to Grow Your Email List and Expand Your Reach

Every company needs an email list for marketing or networking purposes. However, not every person and business hands out their email addresses to just anyone. Most people are wary of disclosing such information because of online scams and spam emails from sketchy sites. To grow your email list, you have to be smart about it, acquiring email addresses only from interested parties and delivering content they’ll actually be interested in reading. 

Here are five ways you can grow your email list:

Create a Newsletter on Your Website

Does your website have an informative and engaging blog that you update regularly? If so, then have your visitors sign up for your newsletter by entering their email. That way, they can read articles as soon as they’re published, increasing your views and reminding them that you exist. These people are most likely interested in the service or products you provide, so they are most likely very good sales prospects. You can add the email addresses submitted to your email list.

Start an Online Contest

Small online contests boost engagement with customers and help spread brand awareness to the online community. You can offer small, yet meaningful prizes like vouchers on your next sale or a two weeks worth of free trial of your service. Make email address submission compulsory in order to send announcements or to give more details about the contest. Another option is to have them fill up a form or submit applications to your contest email address.

Promote an Offer on Social Media

No one can resist a good offer they see on social media. Similar to the online contest tactic, you can advertise the offer on social media and direct customers or clients to contact you via email. You can also ask them to fill up a form where adding their email address is necessary. Make sure to reassure them that the email is needed so you can personally send them a voucher valid to their email address or a QR code that they can have scanned when purchasing in-store.

Host a Webinar

Webinars build your industry rapport by showcasing your company’s expertise to aspiring individuals who want to get where you are or have an interest in your brand. Every webinar signup sheet requires email addresses of interested individuals in order to get an invite email. Think of a topic that will appeal to the type of people you want in your email listings. Make sure that it is also something that you are very familiar with. If the webinar is a success, then sending them informative emails will be appreciated.

Offer a Free eBook 

Every professional appreciates a resource that can help them excel in their career or help them improve their business. While some websites offer eBook resources for a price, you can offer them a price they can’t refuse: free. If you’re giving them a free useful resource and all you ask from them is their email address in return, then they’d probably think they’ve scored a good deal!


Once you’ve grown your email list, make sure to create valuable email content that makes your campaign effective by attracting those who have subscribed to you. Create a nurture campaign, launch email blasts with relevant news and offers, and ask your current email subscribers to share or forward the email to people they think would be interested as well. That way, your email list will continue to grow without exhausting every possible method to acquire new subscribers.

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