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7 Pitfalls in Lead-Generation That Every Startup Should Avoid

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting potential customers to your brand, products, or services. It is a key step in the consumer’s journey. Unfortunately, getting leads and traffic isn’t always easy, as 61 percent of marketers admit.

Not every lead is beneficial for a startup, and many businesses are unaware of this fact. In fact, it’s common for upcoming enterprises to waste time and resources generating leads.

If you are a startup and lead generation is but a vague concept to you, here are seven lead generation pitfalls you must avoid:

1. Not Prioritizing Your Top Goals

Working with the end result as a priority keeps you on track throughout your lead generation strategies. This is why goal-setting is crucial, so you can streamline your efforts towards reaching your targets. Remember that everything you do must be outcome-driven, from your CTA (call-to-action) to the methods you employ.

2. No Opt-in Opportunities

To ensure that customers may connect at any time, provide several opt-in possibilities. The lead capture page is only one form of opt-in possibility. Others include explanation films, emails, webinars, live demo sessions, email marketing, webinars, social media, blog, and vlogs can all help a startup’s lead-generating efforts.

3. Using Improper Metrics

The first step in this process is to recognize that metrics are merely a guide to achieving the final goal.  Metrics can show the bottlenecks in your campaign’s progress so you can adjust campaigns, troubleshoot issues, and identify areas of improvement to achieve your desired results.

4. Lack of Audience-Driven Data Interpretation

Most startups can identify their audiences but do not use the right tools to interpret the data. There are free tools that help entrepreneurs analyze competitors and audiences, like social listening, statistics, buyer’s history and behavior, and the like. You need to be able to visually interpret results so you can put your audience analysis to good use. 

5. Non-Interactive Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential component of any online marketing strategy. They are separate pages designed particularly for a marketing or advertising campaign and are CTA-driven.

Customers are compelled to respond when they see action statements on landing pages. A compelling and dynamic landing page makes a lead generation campaign a success. Make sure you provide high-quality, clear content with a relevant CTA, so your landing pages are interactive and effectively lead to conversion.

6. Hard Selling Techniques

You have every right to market your product or service to a potential customer, but not to annoy him. Most startups blunder on this one, as they tend to hard sell in their promotions in the hopes of converting customers fast and easily for the cash in or revenue they desire. Keep in mind that hard selling is considered a self-sabotaging strategy that startups must avoid.

7. Impatience in Following Through

Startups have a tendency to lose patience and abandon a plan if they do not see instant results from it. That is a major error to avoid. Before you quit on a lead generation strategy, conduct A/B testing to identify bottlenecks that cause your strategies to fail. There is always room for improvement if you don’t quit and find solutions for more effective results.


Through lead generation, you can either experience quick results or take time for returns. Along with the right metrics, you need to have multiple marketing touchpoints, testings, and plenty of positive attitudes until you get the results you want to see. You can also seek professional help from lead generation specialists, so you don’t have to sweat about capturing your target audience. 

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