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A Checklist of Important Factors for Your 2020 Holiday SEO

Contrary to popular belief, the shopping season for holidays actually begins in October, not December. This is because people shop quite a lot for Halloween, all the way to Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and the like. Given the rise of the global pandemic, intense traffic on websites during holidays and online sales, in general, are set to take on an even more intense significance.

Now more than ever, it is critical for online retailers to start making plans in order to ensure that their websites are fully optimized and ready.

Here is a checklist of important factors for your holiday 2020 search engine optimization, or SEO:

Make Sure There Is Balance

Look into your SEO metrics from the previous year, specifically things like keyword rankings and organic search traffic. Lead gen for startups is incredibly important, so establishing a baseline to hold the current year’s anticipated performance against is key. Studying this data is crucial in order to gain insight into matters such as the amount of traffic that your website got from keyword performance, page views, and search engines. 

Check on the content from the previous year, title tags, and meta descriptions so you can choose what to do based on what did not work and what did. Use this information to craft the holiday SEO plan for the current year.

Craft a Marketing Strategy

Once you have a baseline established, you now have a clearer picture of what you would like to accomplish. Creating a marketing strategy allows you to determine how to plan to accomplish it in the first place. Get far more clarity about your holiday marketing message, your products, strategies for promotion, and platforms such as email marketing that you intend to use for your message to spread.

Refresh Old Content Besides Creating New Ones

Whatever information you get from the analysis of the previous year’s SEO metrics should be used to update your existing content. Additionally, take this into account when you begin to create new material. Ensure that your blog posts, landing pages, and sales pages are all holiday-themed. 

Doing this will assist in your ability to provide keyword-rich pages optimized for search engines. Review your website thoroughly, and do updates where necessary, including pricing, product descriptions, and sales pages. Cleaning up duplicate content or those which are outdated will lower your bounce rate and considerably raise user engagement.

Ensure Quality Links

Creating one-way backlinks to your website is crucial. This is called link building, and it greatly improves visibility on search engines. Since your search engine results ranking is heavily reliant on links that point to you, establishing relationships with websites and platforms that are reputable is very important. This way, the sources that will link back to your content can add to your credibility and give you solid leads. 


The holiday season is incredibly stressful and busy. It is best to be prepared in the most high-quality way possible. Use this list to make sure that you can be ahead of the curve and have an incredibly successful season for your business.

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