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A Startup’s Guide to Lead Generation via Email Marketing

Email marketing is often overlooked by many business owners, especially those who are running startups with limited resources. However, this type of marketing is one of the most effective tools in generating leads, even when compared with other popular strategies such as SEO and pay-per-click advertising.

In fact, you could even argue that email marketing is many times more cost-effective than other strategies. Why? Because it lets you reach people who are already interested in your business, or at the very least, the industry that you’re a part of.

The question now is: How do you make sure to maximize this interest and translate it into real leads? Find out in the sections below.

Why Email Marketing Delivers Results

Before we proceed, let’s go over why email marketing is something you shouldn’t overlook. There are several reasons this is the case:

1. It reaches customers who are already interested

Email marketing reaches people who are already interested in what you have to offer. They would have already willingly given you their email addresses in the first place.

2. It allows timely and relevant marketing

Emails can be sent out at the appropriate times, allowing you to streamline your message in accordance with the present environment and situations.

3. It provides plenty of information in a cost-effective way

Emails can be extremely rich in content. They let you deliver a vast amount of information to your customers without incurring any additional costs.

4. It increases in effectiveness over time

As your email list grows, the effectiveness of your entire campaign grows alongside it. This means you can easily scale up your marketing efforts to sustain long-term growth.

In other words, email marketing is perhaps the most efficient way to enable your growing business to generate the leads it needs to thrive.

How This Can Be Achieved

The more pressing concern now is how exactly would you start carrying out your email marketing campaign? The steps are pretty straightforward, and the process will look something like this:

1. Identifying your business’s goals

The first step is always to map out your goals. This will help you charter a course that will guide your decisions and track progress down the road. Obviously, lead generation would be one of your goals, but you need to specify by how much so that you gauge your performance.

2. Understanding your target audience

You need to outline which businesses you’re trying to sell to. This is done with market research that allows you to find gaps (ie. opportunities) in the current landscape so that you can position yourself accordingly.

3. Establishing your authority

As a B2B brand, you will need to develop a credible persona so that your audience will believe whatever it is you’re trying to sell them. Aim to educate your audience on the intricacies of your product/service, instead of merely promoting what you’re offering.

4. Drafting your emails and sending them out

You will also need to create the actual marketing material that you will deliver to your audience. Some crucial elements that need to be included here include your company’s identity, ideals, and products/services. Make sure your message is relevant to the current situation, segment your audience according to their needs, and create multiple emails to target every customer specifically.

5. Tracking progress and further optimization

An email marketing campaign, as we said, has the inherent benefit of scalability for the future. However, this can only be achieved if you continue to measure its performance and optimize consistently. See what works, stick to it, and omit the rest.


Another crucial step you will need to go through is to acquire a viable email list. Fortunately, this is rather easy for B2B companies as there are many services available that help you do this. The idea here is to build an email list that fits into who your target audience is so that your marketing efforts can generate actual leads.

We can link you with millions of potential leads to make your email marketing campaign deliver real results both immediately and in the long run. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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