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Busting 3 Common Myths About Cold Calling

The sales industry is an ever-evolving landscape that continuously transforms its strategies to cater to the growing market. While 2021 is the year where businesses and consumers have fully embraced the digital shift, there are old, tried-and-tested sales techniques that remain effective and relevant today: cold calling. 

Unfortunately, most marketers and sales representatives believe that cold calling is dead, especially among the tech-savvy consumers who typically hate hearing hard sales. While most people would say that cold calling shouldn’t be on your roster, we’re here to bust misconceptions so you can determine if cold calling is the right move for your lead generation strategy!

Myth #1: Cold Calling Is Dead

The biggest misinformation spreading like wildfire online is that cold calling is dead. While it’s true that many consumers are turned off by the usual aggressive approach of sales representatives, there are still effective ways to turn the conversation in your favor. 

Skimping out on cold calling means you can no longer leverage a high-touch sales approach, one that yields greater and faster results compared to social media or e-mail marketing. Consumers today appreciate authenticity and human contact, so tackling the call with the intent to help and connect with them can already put you in a good position.

Myth #2: Cold Calling Is a Numbers Game 

The only number you’ll be dealing with when it comes to cold calling is vetting your list of high-intent clients. In that case, you don’t have to handle the guesswork when it comes to promoting your services or products since you’ll be primarily in touch with prospects who show higher chances of becoming paying customers. 

With that in mind, the number of clients you call means you have more room to convert leads into sales, which means your approach should focus on strengthening your connections more than burning through your list of potential customers. 

Myth #3: It’s Nearly Impossible to Get Through With Cold Calls

It’s true that hard sales like cold calls easily turn many people off, but the reality is a whopping 82 percent of buyers are open to sellers who reach out to them so long as they manage to make a genuine or interesting connection. 

The Bottom Line: Landing on the Truth About Cold Calling in 2021

Cold calling seems like an old tactic that has lost its edge over the years, but the market today values transparency and authenticity above all else. In that sense, cold calling can still be a powerful tool that can fast-track your lead generation when done right!

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