Email Marketing: 7 Best Practices for Lead Generation

As a marketing strategy, email marketing is among the most effective since according to recent research, it generates $42 for every dollar invested. It is undoubtedly effective based on this huge ROI potential alone.

Email leads are people who have given you their name, email address, and other contact information, which you may use to market to them. An opt-in form that visitors fill up in exchange for an eBook, a discount, or a gift is the most common way to do this.

You can turn your leads into a loyal customer base using email marketing. As such, your email marketing campaigns should be built on a foundation of email leads.

Here are eight mail marketing best practices for lead generation:

1. Start with a Great Email List

Lead generation is a numbers game. The more you have, the greater the chances of landing a successful lead. You should have a massive list of email subscribers before you even think of writing your first email.

2. Offer Something in Exchange for the Subscriber’s Email Address

A visitor’s decision to send you their email address depends on the value they get for it. Of course, the more value you provide, the more high-quality email subscribers you’ll get. 

High-quality email subscribers are those that strongly respond to your calls to action (CTA), whether you want them to buy something, click an affiliate link, share your content, and the like.

3. Clarify What People Will Get from You

People subscribe to your list to get free content they can use to advance their careers, save time, and make money. They don’t want to get emails offering you more email subscriber lists, which they are likely not interested in. This is why you must be clear about the value you offer. 

Being vague or mysterious will not work in this case, because people nowadays are wary of these kinds of promotions due to security reasons. Instead, provide visitors and subscribers with a clear image of what they will receive from you if they subscribe to your email newsletter.

4. Use an Autoresponder

Your email marketing strategy should include an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a series of pre-written email messages sent automatically to your new subscribers in reply to their sign-ups.

You must make sure your autoresponder is customized for each subscriber. Keep in mind that you must get a new subscriber’s permission to send them periodic messages, so your incentives must be worth their commitment.

5. Personalize Your Emails

Using personalized subject lines increases your email’s open rate by as much as 20 percent. Personalization doesn’t just help you increase available rates and encourages people to revisit your website after opening your email.

As a general rule, no one will open your email if the subject line is not appealing. Send campaign emails designed to influence subscribers to open, read, and share them.

6. Make Sure Your Copy is Well-Written

A good copy will help you drive the subscriber to open your email, take the next step, and read the content of your email. If your email is nothing but a poorly written sales pitch, better not send it at all. 

Be customer-oriented, and think about what brings the most value to your subscribers. It does not have to be about you all the time, or about selling your products every time. You can even provide an excerpt to your recent blog, so they will see topics they are missing out on that may actually help them. 

If your copy is well-written, you will be able to convince your readers to respond to your CTA.

7. Do Not Overlook the Opt-In Opt-Out Process

When growing your email marketing list, it’s important to remember that you need to show your subscribers that you respect their privacy. 

Make sure to ask for the reader’s permission before you send them emails. Just be sure that your opt-in process allows your subscribers to opt out whenever they want.


Email marketing is one of the earlier but most reliable forms of marketing, but it is also the most powerful. It is just as effective as other forms of online marketing. While the sales cycle is longer with this method, the investment you put in is relatively small.

Having a solid email list is the key to a successful email marketing campaign. Embrace optimization and start leveraging the power of email marketing today!

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