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How B2B Lead Generation Helps Small and Large Businesses Grow

Startups and small businesses are no longer the only industries benefiting from B2B lead generation. Now, larger businesses and multinational corporations are also looking towards lead generation to maintain their profitability and continue growing.

What is B2B lead generation, and what are the ways it can help a company? Keep reading below to find out answers and more.

Understanding Business-to-Business Lead Generation

Lead generation is the method of getting through potential leads and nurturing them for sales. The business-to-business (B2B) part of B2B lead generation is where the potential leads are predefined as businesses rather than individuals. 

Lead generation, sometimes known as demand generation, assists in materializing a demand and filling up the top funnel of the customer acquisition process. B2B demand generation accomplishes this task by using marketing strategies that spark a target audience’s interest and directing them down the start of the sales funnel.

The Importance of B2B Demand Generation 

Lead generation is essential for a business of any size. Without it, sales teams would not have any leads, and the sales pipeline would be empty. B2B demand generation is essential because it targets qualified leads, captures their attention, and eases them into the sales funnel.

A Closer Look at Lead Generation Channels

Lead generation channels can be categorized as inbound or outbound marketing. It is based on how businesses access their target audience.

Inbound marketing uses strategies to make potential clients approach the business. It typically uses online ads, social media, and the like to attract prospects. Inbound leads usually have higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles.

Meanwhile, outbound marketing reaches out to potential clients through phone calls, emails, and other communication methods. The strategy first identifies qualified leads before relating with a prospect, making outbound leads ideal for big-ticket sales with longer sales cycles.

Ways to Generate Leads Effectively

Any business, regardless of its size, can benefit from combining lead generation channels. Here are some activities that can help your companies generate leads.

SEO and Content Marketing

29 percent of inbound web traffic comes from organic searches or searches that lead to a website without ad assistance. SEO and content marketing help your company’s page gain search visibility, drive visitors to your company page, and convert them to qualified leads.

Paid Online Advertisements

Whether you place them on search engine results pages or social media platforms, paid ads can boost qualified sales. In addition to the large audience, these platforms have features that can only show your ads to your intended audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can generate up to $36 in revenue for every $1 spent on it. This statistic makes email one of the most cost-effective and best converting lead-generating channels. However, making sure that email recipients find value in your email is integral to the strategy’s success.

Cold Email Outreach

While email marketing is sending emails to people who opted to receive emails from you, cold emails outreach is when you email prospects that may or may not know about your company. It means that you connect with those who could be qualified leads, engaging with them via email and nurturing them for sales.

Cold Calling

Like cold email outreach, cold calling is when you call potential clients you have not interacted with before to build rapport and offer your products and services. Since phone numbers are easily accessible, cold calling is one of the most popular outbound marketing strategies.


B2B leads generation is vital to any business regardless of its size and industry since it ushers in potential clients who can greatly impact its revenue. While some enterprises create teams to try and generate quality leads, some companies hire experienced digital marketing agencies to introduce prospects and successfully lead them down the sales funnel. At the same time, their sales team focuses on nurturing the leads for better profit instead.

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