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How to Get More Leads Using Email Marketing – Our Guide

Despite the proliferation of new marketing technologies like social media, influencer marketing, and programmatic advertising, email marketing remains strong. In fact, according to research, $1 invested in email marketing initiatives still manages to yield about $44.25 return for marketers. 

What is the implication of this? You need to supercharge your email marketing efforts, of course. If you’re a small business, utilizing email marketing can help you in lead generation and land your ideal customers. Then again, it’s easier said than done. You have to apply the best practices to come up with a campaign that works.

To help you collect leads via email marketing, here are some tactics worth trying:

Offer something irresistible

Your prospective customers won’t bother opening your email if it contains information that they can find elsewhere. They will probably delete it as soon as it lands in their inbox, or they may keep it or later, meaning they will never reread it. If you want your email marketing campaign to have a profound effect on your recipients, you will have to offer them something that they will find hard to say no to. It can be an exclusive offer, a freebie, a discount, an early bird price, or a sneak peek at a product currently in development. Anything that will make them believe that they are getting a great deal from you is worth trying out. 

Make your emails shareable

Even today, people still practice forwarding emails to their friends, family, and colleagues, especially if you make it easy for them to do so. You can do this by asking them to forward the email in your copy, incorporating a button that automatically formats the email for them, embed pre-formatted tweets or posts in your email for easy sharing, adding a signup link so people who receive the forwarded emails can sign up easily, and adding social sharing buttons so people can share your email on their respective social media accounts. When you allow sharing, you’re also inadvertently expanding your reach. You never know, your intended recipient may not be a prospective lead, but the person they forwarded the email to could be.

Make it short and sweet

With the deluge of online content people receive on the daily, most have no patience browsing a piece of content that’s overly long—and that includes emails. When you send off an email, make it a point to keep it short and sweet. While adding fluff can work in some cases, don’t be afraid to sound straight to the point at times. People might even thank you for it since you didn’t waste their time. On your copy, make sure that what you say is relevant, and leave your contact information so people who want further information can reach out. 

Optimize your email for mobile

Just like your website, your emails need to be optimized for mobile, too. According to statistics, when your email is poorly formatted for certain devices, as many as 15% of users will unsubscribe, instead of just delete. That could account for an 85% drop in potential customers on mobile. Most people these days open and read on mobile devices, so you have to ensure that they can see your content on whatever screen they choose to view it on. From readability to buttons suitable for fat fingers, optimize your email marketing in a way that can accommodate everyone. 

In conclusion

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to enhance your lead generation efforts. Should you need assistance in crafting lead generation campaigns that work, get in touch with our team at WhoKnows today.

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