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Our Guide on Using Content for Generating High-Quality Leads

Today, generating high-quality leads online involves knowing how to stand out in an already crowded online space. Most industries online are saturated, or nearing their saturation point. There are simply too many people vying for the same customers, or too many companies offering similar products and services. 

As such, you must know how to position yourself to get the most number of people from your target market interested in your services. Here are a few things you can do to improve on your lead generation.

Personalize your content

Get your prospects on board by making them feel that they are important to your company. This should be a given for you—since they are your audience, they are naturally whom you should prioritize when making content, updating services, or coming up with new products. Take that a little further and get to know more about your leads. If your prospects sense that you want to help them solve a problem—as opposed to selling them a product—they will be more willing to enter your funnel.  

Do not forget to promote it

While making a persuasive blog post is crucial, you must remember that getting the word out about it still relies on you. You must put out content people to discover—if you made something that is truly worthwhile, people will share it without you prompting them to do so. There is nothing wrong with nudging your contacts and network to share a post, though.

You can also collaborate with B2B demand generation companies, or with sales and marketing teams, who can place your content in relevant blogs and magazines to increase your brand’s exposure. This not only nets you prospects, it helps link building as well. 

Make content based on data

You need to choose content that has social validation and data to back it up. If you ignore data, you will write about an endless stream of trending topics, fluff pieces that have no backbone and no real roots in your niche or industry. If you only look at the numbers and traffic, you might write something supported by data but has no immediate resonance with your audience. Find your balance and you will create a solid foundation for your future campaigns.

Get guest bloggers and contributors

When you have guests on your blog, you can rotate your in-house writers and keep them from burning out. You do not even have to go outside your own company—perhaps there are writers in departments outside your communications, marketing, or sales teams, who can pitch in on a regular basis. 

Having guest bloggers and contributors increases your content pool, gets new eyes on your copy, and allows you to nurture new perspectives on your brand.

Promote tight storytelling

In the past, content marketing meant keyword stuffing and other black hat optimization techniques. Today, customers want to read high quality work, and are not satisfied with blog posts that ultimately say nothing. This is even more so with B2B lead generation.

When you create posts, you must deliver a coherent, insightful piece that really helps your target market address a pain point in their life. Tight storytelling means you are able to zero in on the most urgent things they want to solve. You can also use video, photos, or other media to get your story across efficiently.


There are more than four billion internet users in the world today, generating several billion bytes of data and content. This process seems to be accelerating with no signs of slowing down, so content writers must know how to ride this wave of information without giving in to the sheer volume and drowning.

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