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The Most Common Industry Mistakes in B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation for businesses is a daunting task with plenty of steps and measures. But some businesses don’t exactly know where to start, which ends up hurting their results in the end. Take note of the following mistakes to avoid in your lead generation strategies to avoid making expensive mistakes.

The Most Common Pitfalls of a Lead Generation Team

Diving Head First Without Strategy and Budget

To get the best results, everything has to be mapped out into strategies and be given a substantial budget. 

A strategy can lay down the foundation to work and predict success and improve results. To create a proper strategy for sales and marketing, you have to consider the resources available to them and their skill levels. These departments use different methods to attract leads, so they cannot live by the same goals or procedures. 

Lead generation can also improve when you set aside a budget for tools, campaigns, and the like. Remember that you can’t rely too much on your employees’ resourcefulness if you want to see results. You have to help them out with solutions and systems, which may cost a fair amount of money. 

Lack of Communication Between Sales and Marketing

The sales team and marketing team need to be on the same page. While they may use different ways to generate leads, they share a common goal. One should not be favored over the other. Studies have also shown that aligning sales and marketing can boost revenue by 34%. 

While the sales team is responsible for generating leads, your marketing team is in charge of making your company more well-known so that clients and collaborators can find you themselves. 

These two departments may be different, but they complement each other and improve lead generation in their own ways. Sales should disclose what should be highlighted to the public to the marketing team, and marketing should let sales know what message the company is trying to convey, so they know what to say when talking to potential leads. 

Putting Social Media on the Backburner 

Social media is a powerful tool for lead generation that many companies miss out on. While plenty of lead generation techniques on social media platforms are for B2C exchanges, it is also possible to form a network of B2B leads. Both sales and marketing can utilize social media to attract potential leads.

Following a Rigid Structure

Lead generation does require a structured game plan, but that shouldn’t mean that you only follow one process. The digital world is ever-changing, and the ways to generate leads are constantly evolving. While it is nice to be structured, it is even better to be open to innovation.


Lead generation at a glance seems like something anyone can do, but the reality is many people can easily fall into these pitfalls. To become better at it, your team needs to listen to expert advice, be on top of the latest techniques, be given a proper budget and strategy, and be equipped with the best tools for the job.

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