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Top 5 Tricks to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective – Our Guide

Crafting emails isn’t the only essential aspect of email marketing. There’s a lot that goes into an email campaign, and losing sight of one area can break your momentum. In email marketing, you have to make plans, do some research, continuously gain leads, and so on, to ensure that it stays effective. However, there are some tricks to make it even more effective: 

1. Segmentation

What do you do after getting your leads? Do you just compile them and add them to your email recipients? Segmentation is the process of sorting through your lists and categorizing them. It is better not to send an email to a general audience, especially if you know that it’s not relevant for some people.

While there’s a part in email marketing that needs to rely upon chance, you can do your part in increasing the potential of a lead to convert. Segment your audience and create an email schedule. Doing so will allow you to be more proactive with your campaigns since you’re not limited to sending a general message to a general audience.

2. Add a noticeable unsubscribe button

While it’s a legal requirement to give users the option to unsubscribe, you want to show your recipients that you’re considerate. Sometimes, people don’t want to receive any more emails from you, and that’s fine. That’s why you are determining the relevance in the first place.

You can show your recipients that you’re professional when it comes to it. By making the process easy, your audience will appreciate you allowing them to opt-out of your email lists, helping you maintain a good brand image.

3. Map out your content

Executing an email marketing campaign can be time-consuming, and it can eventually lead to confusion. That means you won’t have much time to focus on your content, increasing the chances of having poor results. When you spend too much time on planning and segmenting, you’re giving up time on preparing what to write and include in your email.

By mapping out your content, you’re creating a framework for the emails you’re going to send. That means you have a guideline in advance, which can help you in crafting your emails.

4. Optimize for mobile

People think optimizing for mobile is limited to websites alone. However, for your email marketing, you don’t want to miss out on a huge market share that is mobile users.

Most users check everything on their mobile nowadays: emails, social networking, websites, shopping, etc. By optimizing your emails for mobile users, you’re making it easier for them to consume your content. That way, you avoid having recipients quickly tap on the back button just because your emails are hard to read on their devices.

5. Always strive for better content

No one is perfect. Even renowned writers were beginners at some point. Even so, always focus on improvement and remember that your emails are about the content itself. You may have planned out a good strategy on sending your emails, but if they aren’t up to snuff, you can’t expect them to convert.

Creating content is a journey, which is why you must enjoy it. Strive for better content creation skills, join email marketing communities, and research digital technologies that will help you build your skills as an email marketer.


Email marketing is customer engagement. You want to entice customers with interesting content that sparks curiosity. That said, you have different ways of making it easier for them to consume your email’s content. It’s important to keep in mind that the goal is to get them to read, so you lead them to that destination.

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