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What Marketing Automation Will Do for Lead Generation in 2022

Despite the ever-changing nature of marketing, its essential function of facilitating sales remains constant. Marketing automation, on the other hand, has changed things (but for the better).

The bulk of marketing strategies is intended to promote lead generation, opportunity development, and, ultimately, customer acquisition. Lead generation is a time-consuming process that requires gathering contact information as well as developing creative marketing methods. Your efforts will most likely be in vain if these leads are not cultivated.

Read on to discover what marketing automation will do for lead generation this coming year.

Generating a Huge Number of Leads and Marketing Automation

A manual lead-generating technique takes time and is labor-intensive. When you meet a goal, your income will increase by a set percentage. When teams waste time on non-converting leads or a hot lead that cools due to a delayed response, the experience may be unpleasant and discouraging.

Marketing automation is quite beneficial in terms of numbers. Marketing teams can focus on more strategic objectives by automating typical marketing chores such as chat and email marketing. According to VentureBeat, lead generation tools resulted in an increase in lead creation for 80% of marketers. Furthermore, automation systems provide data that would be impossible to acquire manually.

Sales and Marketing Coordination and Marketing Automation

Many organizations are embroiled in a battle between marketing and sales, which is not always their fault. This fraction could be accounted for, for example, by an excessive quantity of unqualified leads forwarded to sales professionals. The sales pipeline is underutilized, resulting in a loss of new clients.

Marketing automation is not just for marketers, as some believe. The sales team must show the same level of dedication and involvement. Collaboration between sales and marketing increases client retention and conversion rates by 36% and 38%, respectively. Marketing automation unites marketing and sales around a single lead and allows both teams to customize workflows.

The sales team is informed of where the prospect is in the purchasing cycle and when the leader requires support. In order to better cooperate with the marketing team, it can receive automated notifications and communications. With the correct tools, you can send good leads to sales by segmenting your audience and sending them tailored emails. It also aids marketers in selecting the next steps by scoring leads. Leads with a higher score are more likely to receive actionable marketing such as free trials, demos, and so on, whereas leads with a lower score are more likely to receive useful content to read.

Prospect Development and Marketing Automation

When you complete a deal, you are compensated for your efforts in obtaining a new consumer. However, you must take into account the following: 96% of website visitors are not ready to make a purchase. While CTAs and forms can produce leads, this does not imply that they are ready to buy.

Marketing expects sales to deliver qualified prospects, but this is not always straightforward. We know from experience that the majority of leads necessitate nurturing, which is a marketing function. It’s much harder for small business owners. Even when good leads are available, it is very impossible to be present at all times to anticipate client requirements and provide a personalized experience with a small team. This method is vital, regardless of the challenges. According to the study, nurtured leads make 47 percent more purchases than non-nurtured leads.

Marketing automation allows for lead segmentation and more targeted contact with them. Drip programs in marketing automation are largely used for lead nurturing. Drip campaigns are automated email marketing campaigns that target a specific demographic. 

Lead nurturing is aided by marketing automation in a variety of ways, such as automated messaging for 24-hour support, CRM connection, and information supply for the development of leads.


Through the years, we have learned that rather than sending emails or screening out great prospects, we should spend more time getting personal with our clients. After all, this is how we generate leads, sell our services, and reach success by achieving targets. As we look for ways to improve our processes, it’s worth noting this early on that marketing automation makes this (and more) possible for the success of our companies.

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